Milk DPU - Milk Collection Data Processing Unit

DPU is integrated unit to accept data from milk Analyzer, electronic weighing machine. It also accepts farmer detail manually, allow processing milk billing and write processed data on Micro SD card or print in specific report format. DPU also has built in Printer allowing printing of slips and reports. Data processor Milk Collection System (DPMCU) is a comprehensive solution that digitizes the entire milk collection system. The DPMCU enable transparency between dairy,
Village milk collection centre and farmers.

IoT based milk collection Android with Cloud Milk Collection DPU

Android Milk Collection DPU is a valuable tool for milk dairy cooperatives and milk producers, as they can help to improve the efficiency and transparency of milk collection operations.

Features of Android Milk Collection DPU:

    • Portable and easy to use
    • Accurate and reliable data collection
    • Real-time data transmission
    • Comprehensive reporting capabilities
    • Cloud-based data storage and management.

It also provides dairy cooperatives and milk processors with real-time data on milk collection, which can be used to make better decisions about production and inventory management.